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  Garden Planner for PC & Mac Garden Plan Pro for iPad & amp; iPhone

Features Included

Garden Planner

(PC & Mac)

Garden Plan Pro

(iPad & iPhone)
Create Garden Plans with Plants, Shapes and Text tick tick
Plan History & Crop Rotation Warnings tick tick
Succession Planting tick tick
Planting Calendar tick tick
Planting Reminders via Email tick tick
Detailed Growing Guides for 250 crops tick tick
Thousands of plant varieties with descriptions tick tick
Companion Planting Advice tick
Garden Objects (paths, sheds, compost bins etc) tick
Irrigation Planning (e.g. dripline) tick
Season Extenders (tunnels, greenhouses, cold frames etc) tick
Parts List calculates what you need to buy tick
Select Crops by Planting or Harvesting Date tick
Upgrades & New Features tick tick
Priority Customer Support tick tick


$29 per year


Free Trial Available tick
Watch a Video PC & Mac Planner PC & Mac Planner iPad & iPhone Planner iPad & iPhone Planner
Garden Plan Pro can be used as a stand alone garden planner or can sync with the PC / Mac version.

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