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Mainly flowers and shrubs gradually more and more of the garden will be edible, suitable for human consumption

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Hampshire
Garden Size: 2.00m x 4.00m
Garden Type: -
Garden Layout: -
Sun or Shade: -
Garden Soil Type: -

Plan Notes

Wall patch (raised bed, 4m x 1.8m) created 6/3/12. Filled with multi purpose compost and green garden waste. Next year source all organic compost. 6/5/12 Planted Amorosa potatoes (organic) x 2 (chitted from Riverford veg box) in the flower bed alongside the raised bed 7/5/12 Chitting potatoes: Orla x 3 and Charlotte x 3 (organic Riverford seed potatoes) sitting in an egg carton in my kitchen. Decision: where to put them?

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Beans (Broad) 1020cm15cm x 30cmDwarf variety. Received them as seedlings from a friend, planted out 2/4/12
Beetroot 315cm10cm x 20cm(4/4/12) Riverford organic Veg to Grow seedlings. Variety: Boro. Planted out 6/5/12
Cabbage (Summer) 235cm30cm x 40cm(4/4/12) Riverford organic Veg to Grow seedlings. Variety: Pointed cabbage Duchy. Planted out 6/5/12
Courgette 360cm60cm x 60cm(4/4/12) Riverford organic Veg to Grow seedlings. Variety: Defender. Planted out 6/5/12
Kohlrabi 325cm20cm x 30cm(4/4/12) Riverford organic Veg to Grow seedlings. Variety: Azur Star. Planted out 6/5/12
Potatoes (Early) 1040cm30cm x 50cmRed Duke of York grown from seed potatoes. Planted out 6/4/12
Swiss Chard 235cm30cm x 40cmSource: Riverford Organic Veg to Grow seedlings. Variety: Bright Lights. Planted out 6/5/12

Planting Times

Plant List key
Beans (Broad)
Cabbage (Summer)
Potatoes (Early)
Swiss Chard